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How to feel good at home during the quarantine ?

Some of us will take this "quarantine" as an opportunity to be at home with their family, spending time doing or making things they never had time to do because our way of living is just so intense...

For others, this forced return at home not sweet home is clearly worrying.

Most of us are truly concerned by what is happening and in any case, today more than ever, the energy hygiene of home is essential since we will be spending at leat the next 15 days inside our house.

Energy, vibration and frequency

We now know - or rather, we recently rediscovered - that the scientific notion of vibration energy is beautiful and well-existing. Many doctors of biology, physicists, and researchers in the quantum world are now talking about it openly.

Science has shown how everything is vibration. Likewise, recent "electronic testers" such as geomagnetometers can measure the energy values of a place.

Vibrations, Emotions, Energies permeate all places

Each energy has a frequency which is nothing other than the measurable rate of energy flow. It works the same as for electromagnetic wave frequencies.

Therefore, everything with good energy will vibrate at a certain frequency which is measurable. In case of bad energies, the place will vibrate in another way and you will have understood it less favorable to the Living.

Energetic clearing

We can easily understand that a place having experienced difficult events, conflicts, tears, anguish, pain, weariness, disenchantment is particularly impacted by these energetic memories that reside there.

Many real estate professionals use my services during site visits to "clean up" the energy in the house and appartment because the atmosphere is not conducive to good sales.

Space clearing

Maintaining a house with a high vibratory rate allows everyone to feel as good as possible to spend this period with confidence. By carrying out an energy cleaning, we remove the layers of weak vibrations, or pathogenic frequencies…

This gives all occupants the opportunity to no longer be saturated or penalized by an "unhealthy" environment H24.

Energy Cleaning also opens the door to revitalizing space and maintaining good energy vitality. Being in good health requires a good living environment, good food and energy hygiene.

Energy Cleaning is a real breath of positive energy on the house. It can be practiced remotely.

Being in good health requires a good environment,

with good energies.

*** In solidarity with of all people in quarantine and their family, and to make this service accessible to as many people as possible, I decided to reduce the price to € 39 tax included whatever the number of inhabitants and how big the place is.




- Other Remote Services -

Home Detox Program: perhaps it's time to detoxify your living space! Do you want to take the opportunity to do a great spring cleaning? A decluttering schedule! Start a Zero Waste approach? Reorganize your living space? I accompany you to make your living space a Healthy & Zen home. Let's talk about your plans. Body Nature Meetings : meetings can be done online. With your friends, join us via videoconference to discover healthy and ecological products for the house and Body Nature brand. Contact-me for futher information.

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