House Therapy - Domothérapeute in the French Riviera

by Destination Intérieure

Welcome on Destination Intérieure ! Thank you very much for visiting my website.


My name is Marie. I am a 32 years old married women living in the French Riviera, in Cannes. My father is French and my mother's family is Italian.

After many years travelling and living abroad, I ended up considering myself as a world citizen.

I studied as an Engineer and got my first long insternship in Mexico. Then I moved to Mumbai in 2009. That's where I discovered I had the ability to clear space energy naturally.

I’ve spent the following years studying and practicing all kind of methods : Decoration, Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Geobiology, Health Environnement... I always wanted to understand the roots of wellness, healthful and safe environment.

How I became Domothérapeute ?


Throught the years, I developed an extraordinary sense of space and how objects and energies could transform our state of mind.


Feedback received and results obtained over years motivated me to embrace a career as a “Domothérapeute” full-time.

Domothérapeute is a French word to say “House Therapist” but it's much more than just moving furniture around and painting walls !

What can I do to make your life better ?


The point is: tools and methods always have to be adapted to who you are and the place you live or work in. Because you are unique ! My job is to find the solutions to improve YOUR situation.