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My name is Marie. I am a 32 years old married women living in the French Riviera, in Cannes. My father is French and my mother's family is Italian.

After many years travelling and living abroad, I ended up considering myself as a world citizen.

I studied as an Engineer and got my first long insternship in Mexico. Then I moved to Mumbai in 2009. That's where I discovered I had the ability to clear space energy naturally.

I’ve spent the following years studying and practicing all kind of methods : Decoration, Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Geobiology, Health Environnement... I always wanted to understand the roots of wellness, healthful and safe environment.

How I became Domothérapeute ?


Throught the years, I developed an extraordinary sense of space and how objects and energies could transform our state of mind.


Feedback received and results obtained over years motivated me to embrace a career as a “Domothérapeute” full-time.

Domothérapeute is a French word to say “House Therapist” but it's much more than just moving furniture around and painting walls !

What can I do to make your life better ?


The point is: tools and methods always have to be adapted to who you are and the place you live or work in. Because you are unique ! My job is to find the solutions to improve YOUR situation. 

After making a diagnosis, I select and use the methods and tools that will help you acheiving a better Health, growing Wealth, personnal and professional Wellness.

I have helped countless families regaining serenity and harmony and businesses to flourish. I have been working for public establishments, hotels, restaurants, healing centers and of course in many houses and apartments around France, Monaco and even in South Africa.

"No matter how much you do outside the home, your stable place is your space" 

Hannah Jackson

Feeling good is not a luxury, living safely and in harmony in your home is the basis of your personal development and empowerment.

What are the benefits ?

Doctor deals with body problems. Therapist deals with soul and life problems. Domotherapist deals with nuisances of inner space. These are the main benefits you can get from my work : 


Discover all the benefits in details !

  • Improve flows in and around space to reduce accidents and make sure your place is safe : 80% of fatalities occur in the home

  • Sleep soundly and help your body recover in a better room. Good health and sleep are connected to each other.

  • Concentrations of some pollution indicators can be 2-5 times higher indoors compared to outdoors. Decrease polluted air is your home.

  • Get good lights! Disruption to the body’s circadian rhythm is associated with chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, and depression.

  • Avoid negative feelings like sorrow, anxiety, hunger, fear that might be stagnating in the house and your body

  • Get more organized : psychologically people feel lighter when they have less unused “stuff” around them

  • Clear away the space of the past and move forward to new adventures !

  • Remove all the bad conflicts hanging in the air left by you or others

  • Get a healthier and happier relationship with everybody around you, you attract what you are and desire the most

  • Design your environment so it reflects exactly what you want and who you want to be with

  • Most relationships suffer because people are stuck on unnecessary things or fake problems. Extra time and better surroundings means you nurture your relationships in another way.

  • Create good energy flows that will be resonating well for creativity, personal growth and empowerment

  • Recharge your emotional batteries by creating an oasis for yourself : change your (inner) space from chaos to peace

  • Start consuming cruelty free and ecological products : good for your, good for your kids and good for the planet !

  • Feel the attraction of abundance and peace even before you get to your entrance door

  • Surround yourself with exactly what you want and have it reflecting back to you

  • Enhance manifestation of creativity and effectiveness

  • Develop the ability of being more focused on our tasks

  • Free the struggles and blocks to allow more flows in the company or in your career

  • Improvement of workforce relations and changing atmosphere in work place, get peacefull work relationships

  • Start a new life choosing to surround yourself with subliminally elements that will influence your confidence

  • Change the vibration and energy in the workplace to create a sense of inspiration for creativity


I'll be very pleased to answer your questions. Contact me for an appointment and Home Consulting

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